Video Production


Perspektive Media Group is a full service video production company. We can assist you at every stage of production, on any size project. The range of our experience covers everything from corporate video work to multi-spot video campaigns.

Production Planning
Script Writing

Location or Studio Cinematography
Digital Cinema Cameras
HMI, LED, Kino and Tungsten lights
Location Audio

Multiple Editing Suites
Mobile Field Editing
2D and 3D Graphics
Voice Over Talent

YouTube and Vimeo
HTML5 Video Output
DVD and BluRay
Support for Mobile Devices and Mobile Apps

Business Documentaries
Show customers and employees the roots of where your company has come from. Establish your company's linage of greatness. Produce PR pieces showing how your company benefits the local community.

Internet Video
Online videos is where the world is at. Show off your company, its products and services to a global online viewership 24/7.

Training & Safety
Consistency in teaching your new employees with out tying up other people in your organization. Save time & money.

Brand yourself. Establish a presence and voice in the marketplace. Connect to your customers.

Product Demos
Video easily shows your product or services advantages in a way that only video can. It impacts and connects the viewer that what you have to offer matters.

Stream live coverage of meetings to the rest of your organization. Link back live video from other locations for truly interactive meetings.

Web Solutions for Your Business

The Internet is the most important tool your organization can have, with a wide suite of services Perspektive Media is the wheel house you need.

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