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Ask around the business world. Chances are, there's a process map with boxes, wheels and arrows in everyone's drawer. Do people follow the process? Sometimes. But when things get hairy or multiple crises hit, the process doesn't work.

At Perspektive Media, we believe the time has come to think about the marketing process in a new way. Because marketing depends on both planned and unplanned interactions among teams and networks of knowledgeable people, the marketing process can't be about command-and-control and rigid checklists. It must be a balance of freedom and structure, based on relevant milestones, smart deliverables and timely approvals, and include standardized financial information and planning formats. It must allow for flexibility. Otherwise, it won't work for marketing.

Remember, marketing is different. We help you define and implement an end-to-end marketing process that really works - one that not only aligns resources for campaign planning, development and delivery, but does so in a way that supports the way marketing really works.

Transformation Planning deliverables include:
- Rapid Marketing Operations Assessment
- Business Case Justification
- Capability Roadmap
- Marketing Operating Model
- Technology As a Solution

End-to-End Marketing Process deliverables include:
- End-to-End Process
- Marketing Taxonomy
- Prioritization Model
- Financial + Creative Authority Model
- Extranet and E-Commerce applications for workflows

Let Perspektive Media help you develop an End-to-End Marketing Process for your organization. Contact us today for more information or to learn more about our marketing consulting services.

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